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Fact or Fiction
As a Professional Organizer Marnie Kurylo encounters many misconceptions about Professional Organizers and the Organizing Industry. Savvy Space Solutions answers some frequently asked questions & beliefs.

A Professional Organizer will make me throw everything away
Fiction -
A professional Organizer will work with you to help determine what items truly belong in your space. Items you need, use, want bring you joy & what items are keeping you from enjoying your space the way you should.

A Professional Organizer can save you money
Fact -
I have found hundreds of dollars for clients: uncashed cheques, money & banking information hidden or lost, unused store credit & gift cards, jewelry & heirlooms.
Disorganization can also lead to needless purchases when you can't find an items you already have - you can't find it so you purchase another. Cutting through your clutter can help curb duplicate purchases.

No one else I know is this disorganized
Fiction  - Just about everyone has a junk drawer or junk room. Many people cannot use their basement or garage because of excess "stuff". Sometimes what looks like an organized house really isn't, behind cupboards or doors can be an avalanche waiting to happen.

Cluttered Office Files

My House is the worst you'll ever see
Fiction -
Many people think their space is the worst - but clutter and disorganization are relative. I have had clients call me stating their home or office is unbearable but only need a few solutions. I have also had people call me saying they need "a little decluttering" "here & there" yet they cannot physically open the door when I arrive.
And while there can be hoarding & health dangers, these are extreme cases.

Clutter & Organization Facts:

Clutter can effect your health

Disorganization is more common than you think

There are many levels of organization

There is no ONE way to be organized
You cannot make someone be organized
An organizing system needs to work for you, your family or business not anyone else

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Don't be embarrassed by your clutter
Clutter is one of the last taboos and nothing to be ashamed of. There was a time when having cancer was not talked about. People will now freely & proudly admit to overcoming a disease or difficult situation but won't have guests over to their home because there is no place to sit.

Excess containers can add to disorganization

Purchasing containers to store items before sorting & editing can create more work for yourself. Simply filling containers with papers, pictures, collections or other items means you still have to look through everything to find the one piece you want or need, now it's just all in a box.  Selecting & using containers is the last step in organization, not the first.

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There are as many different ways to get organized as there are people & many levels or organization. Not all systems work for every person or space. A Professional Organizer will take into consideration your life & lifestyle, the number of people using the space, whether the space is for business or personal or both.

Remember: we live in a society where modern marketing techniques encourage us to "Keep Up with the Jones", where buying one items isn't enough we must purchase the entire set "Collect Them All / Buy One Get One" even if it's not needed.

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